Recently we've been mighty busy with various project's going on round here that we have not had a chance to update the site as often as we would have liked!

We did release our new Moz Stat tool recently which allows you to check multiple URL's for their respective Moz Statics, so with that new tool in mind we created a whole new section to accommodate the future tools we shall be releasing. Now there is a whole section dedicated to tools, although it's still in the early stages with the export function not quite there yet, we do feel that extra work required to get it up and running will pay dividends in the long run when all the additional tools start to come online.

Along with the new tools section there have been a number of updates to various sections of the site, the majority being cosmetic in nature, although we have made a few improvements to some sections of code to streamline things somewhat and generally make the site easier to use.

In addition to that we have been coding a new check function which we hope will stop (or at least stem the flow) of some of the more unscrupulous visitors to our site. Recently we have been getting far too many porn, malware and just generally crappy sites that we almost decided to remove whole chunks of the service and/or make it totally membership based! But before we do anything like that we have a few more tricks up our sleeves to try first.

Well that's it for now, hope you use the new tool and find it useful, keep your eyes peeled for more new tools and updates coming this way very soon. As always if you have a suggestion, comment or just want to say hello drop us a line using the contact form