Having let the site just run for a while and letting the masses abuse it, I noticed a few anomalies within certain sections these anomalies started to bug me so i began to investigated them.

Turns out it was actually our fault, we updated the reports and how they worked but neglected a couple of background processes which meant a few functions would not work as expected or in some cases not work at all!

Now we have addressed these issues and restored all functionality to the site as per expected, guess it a good thing we are not 'officially' live as yet otherwise that would be considered a bug! LOL

We were going to go live this week but after finding this issue we will carry the beta over another week to monitor the situation and see if there are any more gremlins out there we need to address before we make this awesome tool available for the masses.

If you have any issues using our site please let us know you can always just message us and say hi or whatever we'd like that too ;)